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EVEN if you're just starting out in your career with little experience, missing clarity in your career path, actively job searching and hoping to land your next role, feeling stuck on what comes next, or unsure of how to best navigate the corporate world in a way that gets you ahead faster, without compromising your wellbeing.



Career Strategy Coach with 12+ years of Fortune 500 experience

With over a decade in the corporate Fortune 500 space where I achieved 7 promotions in under 10 years, I'm all about paying it forward to you by sharing my key insights and best practices to be set up for the most success!

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My proven 4-step framework to set yourself up for the most success, so you learn how to take full control of your career instead of letting others define you.

HINT: This is the exact framework that has helped my clients land vertical promotions, interviews, new jobs, and double-digit % salary increases...all during Covid and working from home to boot!


The biggest mistakes most professionals make in their careers which directly hold them back from crushing their goals sooner than later, and hinder their salary earning potential.

HINT: These are often blind spots you don't even realize are there and will cripple your progression if not identified and actioned early enough on in your career.


The learnings on how I achieved 7 promotions in under 10 years and where to focus your precious energy so that you can fast track your own career progression.

HINT: Your "performance" only accounts for 10% in helping you advance in your career. Yes, you read that right! I can't wait to share the other 90% with you!


Meet Shaan.

He landed his first promotion in his career, along with a 12% salary increase, thanks to my 4-step framework. And following my program, he landed another promotion with another double-digit % salary raise...all in less than 1 year!

Prior to working with Tiffany, I felt I needed to escape from my current position to "succeed". My mindset was not in the best place as I felt demotivated and lacked confidence at work, especially when speaking with Directors.

In just 3 short months of working with Tiffany, I feel AMAZING! My mindset did a full 180 where I'm waking up everyday motivated and inspired to work, which helps me live a more balanced and satisfying life in general.

I learned a tremendous amount about myself through working with Tiffany, all which led me to my next promotion!

Having Tiffany as my Coach held me accountable to the development I wanted to achieve. She was always there, no matter the situation, and I found our sessions to be extremely useful, ultimately helping me feel less stressed.

PROGRAM SATISFACTION: Exceeded Expectations


Meet Andi.

She landed her new dream job and negotiated a 47% salary raise, all while putting her mental health first!

I am so excited to tell you that I signed my contract last night to start a new journey. Believe it or not, this start up gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse (even better than Shopify) and I can say it’s all thanks to your program. It’s been a long journey with mental health over the last year, but with your support I can’t believe I’m here!!!

In the end, I negotiated for a base salary that ended up being 47% higher than what I thought I would get. And that does not even include the yearly bonus or stock options. Plus unlimited PTO. I am just over the moon.

Thank you so much for everything. This success is a true testament to your knowledge and effectiveness. I know you have so many people validating that you are a top individual in the career coaching space, and I wanted to let you know that you've changed my life for the better! Everyone needs to sign up for this program!

PROGRAM SATISFACTION: Exceeded Expectations


Meet Uty.

By implementing my best practices, she landed a major off-season promotion in her company along with a multiple 5-figure salary raise 4X her expectation!

Through Tiffany’s program, my mindset did a whole 180 degrees. I was able to stop comparing myself with others, book meetings with different people in the organization, navigate conversations with managers form different teams, get enthusiastic buy-ins from higher ups around some of my improvement ideas. This really helped me to land a promotion off season and get a raise that 4x my expectation!

I am so grateful for this program. It really showed me what was possible when you trust yourself, have the right support/framework and do the work!

The truth about your career is that you don't know what you don't know so you need someone who has walked the walk and can guide you through the process to fast track your success. This program will help you to have that support and if you do the work, you will be happier and your career goals/dreams will come true. The program works and the on-demand support is like nothing else out there!

PROGRAM SATISFACTION: Exceeded Expectations


Meet Stephanie.

Through my program, she landed her dream job at a new company and negotiated a $45K salary increase!

Prior to working with Tiffany, I lacked a lot of the confidence, motivation, and clarity that I needed to push myself further in my career. I also wanted to branch out and find a new role at a new company, but I didn't know where to begin.

Tiffany helped me see the potential I had within myself. She guided me to define my career goals and helped me put action into place to see those goals come to life. With the incredible insights from Tiffany's program, I was able to uplevel my career in ways that I never would have imagined for myself. Most notably, I landed my dream position with a $45,000 increase in salary!

Tiffany's dedicated support was invaluable to me during this career shift. The investment that I made in her program has proven to be worthwhile time and time again. I am forever grateful for all that I've learned and the successes that I've achieved with Tiffany's guidance. If anybody out there is looking for that sign to take control of your professional life -- this is it! I can't recommend Tiffany's coaching and mentorship enough!

PROGRAM SATISFACTION: Exceeded Expectations

Empowering global professionals from all different functions, industries, and companies such as:


Meet Kirin.

“Working with Tiffany changed my life! This was the best investment I could have made for myself.”

I started working with Tiffany shortly after the pandemic hit. The main challenge I was facing was moving up in my company (Fortune 500) during such an uncertain time. Not only did Tiffany build me a comprehensive strategy to help me get what I wanted from the situation — she changed my life on a personal level. I learned a gamete of skills, from public speaking to preparing for performance review season and how to use and apply empathy in everything that I do. Most importantly, her coaching wasn’t limited to our sessions. She also provided on-demand hours where I could text and call her to discuss work related issues in real time. This was a huge differentiator from other coaches.

Thanks to Tiffany’s framework and support, I received a double promotion, where I jumped 2 levels in seniority in one go! And since that time, I landed my dream job at Facebook.

Making the investment in Tiffany will not only skyrocket your career — it will elevate you as a professional, friend and colleague. I highly recommend her to anyone that’s looking for a game changer.

PROGRAM SATISFACTION: Exceeded Expectations


Meet Ava.

Through my program, she put my framework into action and landed her very 1st promotion in her career.

Before working with Tiffany , I had a lot less confidence in my ability to take control of my own career. I was waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen. I was also very new to working remotely and did not know how to continue prioritizing my career when I was getting less face time with company leaders.

After working with Tiffany, I have a lot more confidence in taking control of my own career and knowing the right action steps to do so. I saw continuous improvement throughout the time we were working together.

Having Tiffany as my Coach helped me see real, immediate impact in my day-to-day work and how I communicated with others, while adapting my work style to be stronger and more efficient .

Tiffany is an inspiring leader who truly cares about helping others achieve their career goals. Her dedication to my learning was extremely motivating and allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to get ready to take the next step in my career. Her coaching style was extremely supportive and actionable. I feel very fortunate to have worked with her early in my career!

PROGRAM SATISFACTION: Exceeded Expectations


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