Navigating the workplace isn't easy. There's so much that you never learn how to do, and yet, you're just expected to figure this all out and struggle through it on your own. It's time to turn that around, fill in the gaps and set you up for inevitable success!



Career Strategy Coach, former Fortune 500 Senior Director & LinkedIn Learning Instructor

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With over a decade in the corporate Fortune 500 space, where I achieved 7 promotions in under 10 years, secured multiple salary raises, and have coached my clients to secure $2M+ in raises combined, I'm all about paying it forward to you by sharing my key insights and best practices to become the top 1% in your career!

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The biggest blind spots most professionals fall into that are directly holding you back from being set up for the most success at work.


The core workplace essentials that will amplify your career confidence, impact, leadership and influence.


My proven, best practices to master that will position you for inevitable success at every stage of your career journey.

WINS like this are within your reach!

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Meet Uty.

By implementing my best practices, she landed a major off-season promotion and negotiated a salary raise 4X her expectation!

Through Tiffany's program , my mindset did a whole 180 degrees. I was able to stop comparing myself with others, book meetings with different people in the organization, navigate conversations with managers form different teams, get enthusiastic buy-ins from higher ups around some of my improvement ideas. This really helped me to land a promotion off season and get a raise that 4x my expectation!

I am so grateful for this program. It really showed me what was possible when you trust yourself, have the right support/framework and do the work!

The truth about your career is that you don't know what you don't know so you need someone who has walked the walk and can guide you through the process to fast track your success. This program will help you to have that support and if you do the work, you will be happier and your career goals/dreams will come true. The program works and the on-demand support is like nothing else out there!

PROGRAM SATISFACTION: Exceeded Expectations


Meet Stephanie.

Through my program, she landed her dream job at a new company and negotiated a $45K salary increase!

Prior to working with Tiffany, I lacked a lot of the confidence, motivation, and clarity that I needed to push myself further in my career. I also wanted to branch out and find a new role at a new company, but I didn't know where to begin.

Tiffany helped me see the potential I had within myself. She guided me to define my career goals and helped me put action into place to see those goals come to life. With the incredible insights from Tiffany's program, I was able to uplevel my career in ways that I never would have imagined for myself. Most notably, I landed my dream position with a $45,000 increase in salary!

Tiffany's dedicated support was invaluable to me during this career shift. The investment that I made in her program has proven to be worthwhile time and time again. I am forever grateful for all that I've learned and the successes that I've achieved with Tiffany's guidance. If anybody out there is looking for that sign to take control of your professional life -- this is it! I can't recommend Tiffany's coaching and mentorship enough!

PROGRAM SATISFACTION: Exceeded Expectations


Meet Shaan.

Through my program, he secured his first promotion and a 12% salary raise. Following my program, he secured another promotion AND another double-digit % salary bump...all in less than 1 year!

Prior to working with Tiffany, I felt I needed to escape from my current position to "succeed". My mindset was not in the best place as I felt demotivated and lacked confidence at work, especially when speaking with Directors.

In just 3 short months of working with Tiffany, I feel amazing! My mindset did a full 180 where I'm waking up everyday motivated and inspired to work, which helps me live a more balanced and satisfying life in general. I learned a tremendous amount about myself through working with Tiffany, all which led me to my next promotion!

Having Tiffany as my Coach held me accountable to the development I wanted to achieve. She was always there, no matter the situation, and I found our sessions to be extremely useful, ultimately helping me feel less stressed.

PROGRAM SATISFACTION: Exceeded Expectations


Meet Anne.

Through my program, she took control of her career growth following her 3rd maternity leave and secured a 22% salary raise!

Prior to working with Tiffany, I always felt that being on maternity leave had contributed to major set-backs in my career in terms of gaining momentum to advance or to negotiate for higher salaries. I didn’t have the confidence to speak up, or to be the advocate of my own ambitions. More so, I didn’t know where to start to close the gap, because I have always had great feedbacks from my boss, but felt like I had not reached my full potential.

After investing in the Career Success Fast Track program, I realized that I had put my energy in many wrong places. My confidence and communication improved so quickly and I began to understand the importance of personal branding and how to actually build it up properly on online platforms. After optimizing my online presence using the exact methods in the “LinkedIn 101” course that was included in the program, I instantly received many more new opportunity invites.

Tiffany worked alongside me when I finally decided to make a big move and eventually landed a 22% salary increase within my current organization. In addition to that, I reworked my job to be exposed to projects in line with my ambitions and one that would lead to achieving my next promotion.

PROGRAM SATISFACTION: Exceeded Expectations